Facilitate the Completion of Western Access to O’Hare Airport

O’Hare International Airport continues to play a vital role in our Nation’s transportation infrastructure, especially as it relates to the movement of cargo and goods throughout the United States. The expeditious movement of cargo is especially critical now, to allow companies to get their product to market more efficiently and effectively.

The completion of Western Access to O’Hare remains a critical missing link in this transportation network. The project is needed now more than ever for the movement of goods and services, as well as to improve driving times and costs for all businesses who move people and goods through O’Hare Airport.

In addition, Western Access to O’Hare will help facilitate further growth of key industry sectors (transportation, logistics and warehousing, and e-commerce), many of whom need direct access to the new cargo campus on the north side of the airport, as well as the south airfield and off-campus cargo facilities.

It is imperative that the region work together to complete Western Access to O’Hare in a timely manner for the overall health of the region’s economy.


  1. Update the Western Access to O’Hare Economic Impact Study and define the benefits of the project in our present and future economy. Specifically, emphasis should be placed on cargo movement and the impact of Western Access on transportation, logistics, e-commerce, and warehousing industries.

  2. Continue to work with the City of Chicago Department of Aviation, regional partners such as CMAP and World Business Chicago, and corporate leaders on strategies to promote the expeditious completion of Western Access.

  3. Consider a regional business campaign in support of the completion of this project.