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The DuPage EV industry is powered by workers, makers, researchers and communities that generate demand and drive the industry forward.

The EV Ecosystem includes research, incentives, local consumer base, manufacturers, suppliers, and a workforce


EV businesses in DuPage have the fuel they need to succeed, including:

A Growing Regional Supply Chain

In DuPage, our diverse regional supply chain allows makers to source parts and materials locally, creating a more efficient and stable supply network. Illinois is currently the fourth-largest automotive employment base in the U.S., the #2 location for battery manufacturers, and #4 in number of locations that manufacture non-battery components.

Pro-Business Policies

Local EV investment is driven by subsidies, rebates and incentives through the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act and the Reimagining Electric Vehicles in Illinois Act. In addition to state and federal programs, DuPage helps support EV manufacturers and related businesses through lower taxes and other business-friendly policies.

A Strong Local EV Infrastructure

The DuPage and greater Chicagoland region is already home to thousands of charging stations, with more in development. The local consumer base of EV-drivers – as well as communities and organizations that invest in EV trucks and buses – is growing quickly, generating demand right here in the region.

National Research Institutions

DuPage is home to two of the 17 U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories – Argonne and Fermilab – where scientists are researching batteries, semiconductors, quantum computing and AI, as well as the economic impact of the EV infrastructure. Argonne alone has received $1.2 billion in federal funding to advance U.S. battery manufacturing and conduct research into related fields.

A Diverse Talent Pipeline

Home to some of the nation’s top engineering, IT and computer-science schools, Illinois’ EV workforce is projected to increase by 83% by 2024. Meanwhile, DuPage County’s workforce is more than 640,000 strong, with the state’s highest educational attainment level and a focus on technology, science, engineering and advanced manufacturing.

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DuPage County is strategically located near a global freight gateway, the nation’s busiest rail hub, North America’s largest inland port, a robust highway network, and both O’Hare and Midway International Airports—as well as the DuPage Airport for executive travel. This transportation infrastructure makes it easy to ship products across the nation, source parts, and connect with partners, suppliers or distributors around the world.

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