Business Climate

Engage with the DuPage Business Community to address challenges related to economic development and the local business climate, while supporting emerging opportunities.

Despite the implementation of numerous programs at the federal, state, and local levels to aid businesses in stabilizing and recovering from the pandemic, several industries continue to face challenges in their journey towards recovery. Tourism, retail, and commercial real estate are examples of industries that have taken longer to rebound or have permanently changed course because of personal preference or policy changes (i.e., work from home, shift in brick and mortar to e-commerce). Working with the various industries to address the ongoing challenges is a top priority of Choose DuPage.

At the same time, industries have emerged post-pandemic, including e-commerce, transportation, logistics and warehousing, advanced manufacturing, tele-medicine, and on-line learning-offering opportunities to capture significant economic growth. It is important to understand the growing demands of these sectors and how we can capitalize on the opportunities that exist within each of these industries.

Key Activities:

  • Collaborate with industry sector leaders and key stakeholders to address the challenges facing specific industry sectors and identify solutions for those sectors who have yet to fully rebound or have been permanently altered (for example, commercial real estate and retail). For example, for those industries who have yet to fully rebound, identify and support new initiatives to help strengthen these industries.
  • Continue to support the DuPage small business community by helping these businesses connect to and navigate the resources, including grant programs, available to them so they can grow and thrive in a post-pandemic world.
  • Invest in and support programs, such as Connect DuPage, that encourage business collaboration at the county and regional levels, expand local supply chains for the DuPage business community, and elevate opportunities for diverse businesses.
  • Facilitate meetings and forums with industry leaders and GCEP to seize the opportunities presented by the growing and emerging industries and collaborate closely with key stakeholders to secure the necessary capital, infrastructure, and skilled workforce essential for accommodating this rapid expansion.
  • Work with businesses, municipalities, and stakeholders to identify “areas of opportunity.”