People-nomics, Part 1: Automation, Immigration & The Supply Chain


Today’s businesses are struggling for one thing: talent. So how did we get here? What factors are influencing the labor market? And how can businesses adapt?

The answer: It’s complicated.

In today’s episode, host Greg Bedalov sits down with an economist and a banking expert to discuss all things “People-nomics” – the economics of labor.

In the first half of their two-part conversation, Greg & co. discuss how automation and immigration are impacting the labor crisis, and what a shifting global supply chain could mean for our region.

Be sure to listen to “People-nomics, Part 2”, where we’ll dive into the rising cost of housing—and discuss what the heck is happening with interest rates.


  • Matt Finn, CFA, Chief Economist of 1834, a division of Old National Bank
  • Glenn Mazade, SVP, Commercial Business Banking of Old National Bank

Host: Greg Bedalov, President and CEO of Choose DuPage

Dive Deeper:

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