Chicagoland’s Economic Landscape

Chicagoland Economic Landscape

A detailed report on the region’s assets, opportunities, and growth areas.

Together, we’re Greater. Choose DuPage has teamed up with World Business Chicago and six other regional county partners to bring to you the Greater Chicagoland Economic Partnership Asset Report. This report is a testament to the collective efforts of partners, stakeholders, and visionaries who believe in the transformative power of regional collaboration known as the Greater Chicagoland Economic Partnership. The report offers in-depth insights and showcases the myriad of assets that make the Chicagoland region a global hub for business. 

What makes Greater Chicagoland a Greater place to do business?

According to the new report, it’s our:

  • Size: Chicagoland is the nation’s third largest economy, with $835B in annual productivity and more than 4.9 million workers.  
  • Diversity: With a wide breadth of industries, from manufacturing and technology to logistics and more, Chicagoland offers the most diverse economy in the U.S.
  • Industry: We’re home to the most diverse manufacturing ecosystem in the U.S., positioning our region for innovation while attracting investment and talent.
  • Innovation: In Chicagoland, our diverse blend of startups, established industries, and research institutions collaborate to push industries forward.
  • Resilience: With a diverse economy, supportive social systems, and a strategic environmental policy, Chicagoland is ready to adapt to changing conditions and lead the world of tomorrow.
  • Cost: Here, you can do more with less. Our region has more affordable real estate and cost of living compared to similarly sized, globally connected metro areas.

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