New Production Facility for Electri-Flex Company

Electri-Flex Company, a leader in electrical conduit, located in Roselle, Illinois has recently announced plans to expand their production into a 52,000 square foot facility at Chancelor Drive in Roselle. This expansion will move approximately half their current production. “This means a lot to Electri-Flex and its ability to remain a top provider of electrical conduit. Moving into heavy manufacturing not only means bringing jobs to DuPage County, it also allows us to build on our reputation of worldwide quality, service, and product innovation,” said Jason Kinander, CEO. The expansion will increase production output by 50-60%, and create 25 new jobs. In addition, Electri-flex has increased efficiencies in the new facility. The building was flipped from being a warehouse to heavy industrial, and with that Electri-Flex Company upgraded the electrical, put in a new roof with 56 skylights to minimize electrical needs, and installed energy-efficient lighting. Future plans call for a renovation of the office spaces, concrete work, and other minor upgrades. The facility will be working at full capacity by early summer 2014. For more information, visit