Engineering Chicagoland’s Future


When an experienced engineer looks at Chicagoland, what do they see?

In this episode, host Greg Bedalov meets with the founder of a prominent engineering firm and professor at the University of Illinois Chicago. Their sweeping conversation covers topics ranging from workplace sustainability and water resources to the EV infrastructure, the engineering workforce, and civic engagement.

Guest: Dr. Christopher Burke, founder and CEO of Christopher B. Burke Engineering

Engineering Chicagoland's Future

Dive Deeper:

  • Burke says that Chicagoland’s unique water infrastructure gives the region an edge. To learn more about the area’s assets and growth areas, check out the GCEP Asset Report.
  • Greg and Dr. Burke discuss how Chicagoland’s smart energy infrastructure helps the region attract data centers, semiconductor manufacturers, and other businesses. Learn more about the area’s energy assets with the ComEd Fact Sheet.
  • Feeling inspired to build a more sustainable business? Explore Choose DuPage’s Sustainable DuPage program for helpful resources and guidance on responsible practices.

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