Argonne is Supercharging Manufacturers with Science

Chris Heckle Argonne

DuPage Business Beat Podcast | Ep. 7

Most Chicagoland residents have heard of Argonne National Laboratory, the DuPage County-based U.S. Department of Energy facility. But what many don’t realize is that Argonne is teaming up with manufacturers to develop groundbreaking projects at-scale, from EV batteries to carbon capture tech.

For today’s episode, host Greg Bedalov sits down with Chris Heckle, Director of the Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center, to discuss the transformative work happening at Argonne—and the collaboration behind it.

Dive Deeper:

  • Home to two National Laboratories (Argonne and Fermilab) as well as one of the nation’s top science and engineering talent pools, DuPage County has a science-first ecosystem. Learn more.
  • Argonne researchers recently won three R&D 100 Awards, AKA “the Oscars of Innovation.” Their award-winning work included an AI program designed to accelerate cancer research and a physics simulation for nuclear energy. Read the full story.
  • If your business is interested in partnering with the Material Manufacturing Innovation Center at Argonne, reach out to Chris Heckle on LinkedIn.

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