Nicor’s Economic Development Program

Nicor Gas discussed their economic development program at Choose DuPage’s Quarterly Communities Meeting March 12, 2015. Their presentation covered several utility projects and an economic development partnership.

Nicor Gas Profile

  • Largest gas distribution company in Illinois
  • 17,000 square mile service area
  • 2.2 million customers
  • 643 communities served
  • 34,000-mile gas distribution system

Economic Development

Nicor’s economic development model centers around supporting efforts to attract business investment. Some goals include:

  • Contribute to the positive business environment by providing reliable, competitively priced service
  • Provide energy experts to assist clients
  • Provide financial and volunteer support to not-for-profit Economic Development Organizations
  • Offer educational assistance in the form of scholarships to BEDC
  • Participate in promoting Illinois as a great place to do business

Investing in Illinois

Nicor Gas is increasing the level of infrastructure improvements on its system beginning in 2015 and over the course of the next nine years.

The Natural Gas Consumer, Safety & Reliability Act is the law that allows Nicor to make certain infrastructure enhancements.

Infrastructure enhancements include:

  • Replacing hundreds of miles of aging natural gas pipeline
  • Moving meters from inside homes and businesses outside
  • Upgrading storage systems to help us supplement natural gas supplies in the winter
  • Refurbishing stations that regulate natural gas pressure

Benefits of Investing in Illinois:

  • Upgrading infrastructure that will enhance safety
  • Improving customer convenience (e.g., meters outside)
  • Reducing the need for future repairs
  • Enabling us to continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably to our more than 2.2 million customers

Infrastructure improvements throughout our territory will support:

  • Job creation as a result of an expanded need for employees, contractors, vendors and suppliers
  • Increased business activity driven by the heightened demand for goods and services
  • New business development spurred by an improved, modernized infrastructure

What Investing in Illinois means for you:

There will be a new line item on your bill, “Qualified Infrastructure Charge”

  • Cost-controlled adjustment not to exceed an annual average four percent of delivery charges
  • All customers will be impacted by the adjustment
  • The amount may change from month to month based on your consumption and the investment we make under the program

The amounts billed are filed monthly with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Click here to view Nicor Gas’ full presentation.