Internet Park Could Be Coming to Naperville


A space outside of City Hall could soon transform into an outdoor internet workspace open to the public.


“The idea is that we have comfortable seating, shade, electrical outlets that are handy and convenient, and possibly other small amenities throughout the area, in a space that’s otherwise just completely unused,” said Steve Chirico, the Mayor of Naperville.


An idea first brought up to the mayor, who then involved other local leaders, this proposed space would utilize sustainable materials and energy sources like solar panels to help power visitors electronics.


This space was first publicly discussed at the recent State of the City address, but plans are far from complete.


“Next steps are I have to convince our City Council and other stakeholders in our community that this is a great idea, and so far everybody has really thought it is a great idea, but we also need money,” said Mayor Chirico. “So that I envision being a public/private partnership, members of the community who want to give a gift to the city, other governmental bodies who think it falls into their wheelhouse of being a part of this.”


The budget for this project is not yet known, but the mayor does have a timeline in mind.


“I would love to see it done this year, but it’s a lot of work and it’s a big project. So maybe it’s a little optimistic but that’s the way I think,” said Mayor Chirico.


If constructed, this area would be free and open to the public, with Wi-Fi and power provided.


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