Breakfast with the Chair: Leveraging AI for Business

Breakfast with the Chair

DuPage County business leaders gathered on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, at Hamilton Lakes in Itasca for an important, roundtable discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) and how to leverage it for business. A variety of businesses and organizations throughout DuPage engaged in meaningful conversations about AI’s applications, risks, and corporate policy around AI.

The Hon. Deborah Conroy, Chair of the DuPage County Board opened the discussion by sharing the incredible growth of platforms like Chat GPT and added, “I believe Chat GPT and the larger questions around AI will all be answered in the context of our human needs. These systems are not, in fact, human. They use the data that humans feed them. And sometimes, the information they spit back out is false. It’s flawed, as are the humans in charge. These systems will not replace the human experience… The most effective communication will always tap into these uniquely human experiences to connect with others. For that, we will always depend on our own human perspectives.”

Following Chair Conroy, Bert Nuehring, Partner and Kim Yin, Machine Learning Technology Lead at Crowe LLP gave a presentation on the applications, capabilities, benefits, and potential impact of AI. Some of the benefits include:

  • Faster product development. For example, it can be used to generate 3D architectural designs and floor plans based on client requirements. Or create app prototypes based on high-level specifications.
  • Enhanced customer experience. AI can be used as virtual assistants – providing personalized support and recommendations to customers or create personalized ad experiences based on behavior and preferences.
  • Improved employee productivity. AI can automate routine document preparation or streamline manual processes.

Attendees shared how they use AI in their businesses, ranging from summarizing text to generating ideas. 

Following Crowe LLP’s presentation, Rathje Woodward LLC gave a presentation on the risks of AI, and what companies should consider when building acceptable use policies. Attorneys Heather Kramer and Yates French shared that the risks include:

  • Hallucinations: liability for inaccurate information, fraud, defamation.
  • Confidentiality: protecting trade secrets or other highly sensitive information.
  • Privacy: protecting clients, consumers, or partners.
  • Copyright: Protecting your materials or using copy written materials.

Their presentation pointed out that when you ask a platform like Chat GPT a question, the answer is based on previously written words on the internet. It’s not looking for truth, it’s looking for the most popular answer available, and in some cases, it may be making it up entirely.

Heather and Yates also warned that businesses should be cautious about what they put into public AI platforms, sharing real-life examples of businesses that have put confidential information into Chat GPT and the implications it had on the company.

In summary, artificial intelligence can be leveraged to enhance efficiency and decision-making, but it’s important to align AI initiatives with your business goals and consider factors like data privacy and ethics throughout the process.

Breakfast with the Chair events are hosted by Choose DuPage, with Hon. Deborah Conroy, DuPage County Board Chair. This series of events is an opportunity for local business leaders to connect, learn and discuss important topics effecting DuPage County. Special thanks to Hamilton Partners for hosting us at their Hamilton Lakes office development in Itasca.