A Message to Our Community

From Greg Bedalov, President & CEO, Choose DuPage

As the businesses and residents of DuPage County prepare to face uncertain times, I’m reminded of how and why Choose DuPage was formed in the first place. It was 2005, and the local economy was shifting rapidly. The public and private-sector leaders of DuPage knew they needed a long-term action plan. So they made a commitment, and for the good of their neighbors and the prosperity of local commerce, Choose DuPage was formed. In the last 15 years, working closely with the business community, elected officials and residents, we have reaped the benefits of that decision-strengthening our economic resolve.

And now, in the face of uncertainty like we have never seen before, we are again seeing a commitment—from both businesses and residents. A commitment to supporting local businesses and the industries impacted most. A commitment to ensuring residents are safe, and have access to things they need. A commitment to do what we can to help. Now more than ever, I’m proud to live and work in such a great community. At Choose DuPage, we will continue to do our part —for the future of our economy, the prosperity of our people and the legacy of our County.

Join us on social media, where I encourage you to share information about what is happening in your business or community, and how people can help. At Choose DuPage, we often speak of the DuPage Difference — now let’s demonstrate it.