Water Street Update

It’s been about three months since ground was officially broken on Marquette Companies Water Street District Development, and in that time plenty of big changes have already taken place down this small street in Naperville. But things haven’t all gone as planned. “They had a little issue on the Riverwalk when they went to drill into the Riverwalk we had a design with a piling, and as they were drilling into the rock it was very brittle and was breaking off in sheets, so we had to do a redesign on that instead,” said Bill Novack, Director of TheTransportation, Engineering and Development Business Group with the City of Naperville. That was thanks to the large amount of rain we saw in the past month, flooding parts of the DuPage River. But despite the unexpected, Marquette Companies is confident in their plans moving forward. “Construction is always weather sensitive, and we’ve had the wettest May and June, it’s definitely had an impact, we’ve been able to mitigate some of that just by re-sequencing some of our work, so it’s normal business dealing with weather,” said Jeff Prosapio, Executive Vice President of Development with Marquette Companies. This 2.4 acre site will make way for a boutique hotel, retail space, restaurants, a kids drop off-play space and a new parking garage to keep up with the added traffic to the area. And in the next few months you can expect to really see the street change scenes. “You’ll start seeing some vertical construction, precast panels and you’ll start to see some main vertical construction on the main hotel and parking deck,” said Prosapio. The project is expected to be completed by Fall 2016.