The Smartest, Sleekest & Healthiest Workplaces in DuPage: 2023

Offices in DuPage County

In this annual feature, we take a look at some of the smartest, sleekest, and healthiest workplaces in DuPage County. We are currently accepting nominations – if you would like to nominate a workspace to be featured, please complete the form below. Continue reading for more information.

Who can be featured?

We will be featuring 8-10 office spaces that are located in DuPage County. Any company with a “cool” workspace can be considered for inclusion in the article. This includes office space, research facilities, industrial space, and more. 

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How are the spaces judged? What makes a “cool” workspace?

We select our picks based on three criteria:

  1. Is it smart? Is the workspace designed to make your workday better, to encourage collaboration, to make workers feel good about going to work? Does it incorporate cutting-edge technology? Does it challenge the notion of what a workplace can be?

  2. Is it sleek? Is it attractive? Does the look of the workspace embody the company’s character, impress clients and add to the fun of working there? (For the record, we’re pretty loose with our definition of ‘sleek’. A grungy, industrial-chic space can definitely be sleek, by our standards.)

  3. Is it healthy? What amenities does the workplace offer? Is it healthy for the environment? Have the tenants, building managers and architects found creative solutions for comfort, safety and sustainability?

How can I submit a workspace to be considered?

Complete the form below. Completing this form does not guarantee your space will be featured. For questions, please contact

Nomination Form