DuPage Business Resources



The DuPage business community believes it is essential that Choose DuPage fosters economic growth in an inclusive and welcoming manner while providing equitable opportunities for all. Identifying opportunities that advance inclusive growth will not only enhance equal opportunities for our businesses, workforce, and residents, it will also help to reduce economic disparities, making DuPage County a better place to work and live.


  1. Connect minority, female, and disadvantaged workers, and those impacted by the pandemic, to workforce opportunities and training programs. Continue to foster and promote workforce development programs offered by the business community, trade organizations, higher education institutions, and other strategic partners.

  2. Serve as a business community center for dialogue and programs that educate and promote the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  3. Create a program series educating minority owned businesses about opportunities to do business with state, county, and local governments.

  4. Establish the DuPage Minority Business Council to advance opportunities for certified minority-owned businesses. This Council will connect these businesses with industry-sector mentors and suppliers to help facilitate their growth and development.

  5. Establish or promote existing programs to connect underserved youth with internships in the DuPage business community.