Increase Workforce Mobility by Addressing the First & Last Mile Commute Problem

Providing first- and last-mile options to connect commuters with their place of employment has been one of the greatest challenges facing DuPage County businesses. The pandemic has further impacted workforce mobility with extensive cuts in fixed route bus service, resulting in even greater “transit deserts” that impact over 100,000 employees. It is essential that we identify workforce mobility barriers and enhance our transportation connections to create a viable transportation system for the employees, businesses, and residents of DuPage County.


  1. In partnership with the DuPage County Department of Transportation, Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), PACE, Metra and other strategic partners, complete the DuPage County Mobility Plan – created to address the first- and last-mile commute problem, enhance overall mobility, and eliminate “transit deserts”.

  2. Work directly with the DuPage business community to identify employee transportation impediments.

  3. Raise awareness of third-party, private-sector opportunities that address the first and last mile commute problem.