DuPage County Business Climate


Facilitate Economic Growth & Expansion Among Target Industry Sectors

DuPage County experienced significant growth in many industry sectors pre-COVID including healthcare, transportation, logistics & e-commerce, and food manufacturing. Many of these sectors have continued to prosper through the pandemic and are expected to show continued growth in a post-COVID economy. In addition, other industry sectors are emerging as key growth sectors in DuPage and the region. DuPage County is well positioned to foster growth in these industry sectors due to our business-friendly climate, natural assets, locational advantage, transportation infrastructure and access to workforce.

Targeted industry sectors include:

We must continue to advance these sectors within county and provide a welcoming business climate for those companies seeking a new location in DuPage. 


  1. Create a targeted direct mail campaign for selected businesses in each of the above sectors.

  2. Monitor overall growth in each sector and address barriers to continued growth.

  3. Launch new programming initiatives targeted to these industry sectors, such as industry roundtables.

  4. Continue to strengthen our research, marketing efforts and messaging towards these sectors.

  5. Launch a business attraction campaign aimed at these specific sectors.