Section of former Elgin-O’Hare Expressway now a tollway

The completed western section of Illinois Route 390 is now officially part of the state’s tollway system.


Tolls for the 6-mile stretch of tollway, which used to be known as the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway, are charged every mile and a half. Greg Bedalov, executive director of Illinois Tollway, said the tolls range from 30 to 60 cents per transaction per passenger vehicle, with a cost of $1.25 to go the entire length of the segment. Trucks are charged from 40 cents to $3.10 per transaction, with overnight discounts available. Bedalov said no issues have been reported since tolling began July 5. The western section goes from Lake Street, or State Route 20, east to State Route 83, according to The project also will have an additional ring road that will go around the west side of O’Hare International Airport and will connect Interstates 290 and 90. “The 390 portion, the east-west portion, is planned to be completed in 2017,” Bedalov said. “The 290 portion will go out many years after the 390 portion is complete – as far as 2025.” The entire Elgin-O’Hare Western Access Project is estimated to cost $3.4 billion, with a total length of 17 miles, according to Daniel Rozek, Illinois Tollway senior manager of communications. The Illinois Tollway operates and maintains approximately 286 miles of roads covering 12 counties in Northern Illinois.