Q&A: Benefits of Moving into Rev3, Future of Technelion, and More

Language translation and multicultural marketing agency, Technelion, provides solutions to help customers make their content available in any language, and on the platform of their choice. Claudia Freed, Director of Business Development & Finance at Technelion, explains the benefits of moving her office into Rev3, and what the future holds for the agency. Claudia Freed Q: Can you talk a little bit about Technelion? What is Technelion? A: We are a language translation and multicultural marketing agency. Our goal is to help businesses gain market share by reaching non-English speakers in the U.S. and around the world. We provide solutions that allow our customers to make their content available in any language and on the platform of their choice including print, digital, mobile, or eLearning media. Q: Why did you decide to move into Rev3? A: As entrepreneurs, we were looking for a flexible, cost-effective, and collaborative workspace from which to conduct our business development activities. Unlike traditional office space, Rev3 offers us access to common work areas. The strategic use of collaborative space by Rev3 creates an environment of positive energy and cooperation among tenants and their guests. Q: What does a typical day look like for you at Rev3? A: The best part of being a Rev3 tenant is the ability to conduct business not only during the day but also in the nooks and crannies of evening and weekends. A typical day may mean a brief meeting with a potential client early in the morning or a whole day of learning from one of the many awesome workshops hosted by Rev3. Q: How has working at Rev3 helped you advance your company? Fabian Chol | Technelion CEO A: One of the quickest paybacks Rev3 has provided us is in the area of marketing and brand awareness. As a new company in the U.S. with production offices in Latin America, it was very important for clients to “put a face” to our business. Being at Rev3 has opened many doors including opportunities to develop new ideas, fine-tune our marketing approach and to benefit from the synergies with other business that are part of the Rev3 community. Since becoming a tenant at Rev3, we have bid on projects, submitted content for e-newsletters about industry specific topics such as machine translation and have appeared as guests on a community TV program. Each of these opportunities would require funding out of a marketing budget that most entrepreneurs cannot afford to put in place in the first few months of operations. Q: How has working at an innovation center helped you develop ideas and strategies for Technelion? A: Rev3 is an ideas lab. It is difficult to say specifically how we have adjusted our approach. Having said that, we have learned, for example that DuPage has enormous resources available to entrepreneurs including county and local government agencies that can help entrepreneurs in every aspect of their business plan. In addition, being part of Rev3 gives us license to call on others or to ask for professional and business introductions. Q: What’s the best part about working at Rev3? A:  As a business interested in helping clients grow globally, we appreciate the diversity of the Rev3 community. In the short months we have been part of Rev3 we have met individuals with a wide range of business experiences raging from just a few years to retired executives. Each has been willing to share their business experience and enthusiasm with the next generation of business leaders in DuPage. Q: What is in the future for Technelion? A: We believe the future for Technelion is very bright. As globalization accelerates, businesses that want to gain market share will need to solve their multicultural communication challenges in cost effective and innovative ways. At Technelion, we do not just talk about innovation. We also practice it at Rev3 every day. Learn more about Technelion by visiting their website, calling (630) 230-8394, or emailing contact@technelion.com. For more information about Rev3, visit their website here.