Letter of Support for Amita Health

October 2, 2017

The Honorable Christopher Pecak & Village of Lisle Trustees
Village of Lisle
925 Burlington Avenue
Lisle, IL 60532

Re: Amita Health Headquarters Relocation

Dear Mayor Pecak and Village of Lisle Trustees:

Please allow me to express the support of the Choose DuPage Economic Development Alliance for Village Board approval of the ordinance permitting modifications to the Navistar North Parking lot.

It is our view that the approval of the minor modifications requested are more than justified by the benefits which would be realized by Amita’s headquarters relocation. The jobs and associated economic activities generated by the headquarters relocation will result in long-term, positive economic benefits for the residents of Lisle.

Opportunities such as this are not common and should be viewed as a rare opportunity to positively impact the lives of your residents and the financial well-being of your village. Choose Dupage respectfully urges the Village Board of Trustees to approve this ordinance.


John A. Carpenter
President & CEO 
Choose DuPage Economic Development Alliance