Greencore Acquires H.C. Schau & Son Inc.

Greencore Acquires H.C. Schau & Son Inc.  Creates Job Growth in DuPage County

(Lisle, Ill.) Choose DuPage is pleased to announce Greencore, based in Ireland, has acquired H.C. Schau & Son Inc. in Woodridge as part of their U.S. expansion plans.  Choose DuPage worked very closely with the team at Greencore in their site selection process and is happy to report that Greencore’s plans include increasing the existing workforce and making a major investment in plant operations.   The acquisition will result in an additional 200 jobs through H.C. Schau & Son Inc., which has been a long-term prepared food supplier in the Chicago region through retailers such as 7-Eleven. Choose DuPage’s involvement in the process is in line with its mission of attracting businesses and employment to DuPage County. “We’re extremely happy to see a growing business invest in DuPage County,” said Greg Bedalov, Choose DuPage president and CEO. “Greencore is a great organization committed to keeping jobs in the area and we know all the Greencore employees will see how we strive to make DuPage County the premier place to be for families and new businesses.” Greencore acquired the fresh food manufacturer H.C. Schau and Son Inc. to help form and build a critical part of its food supply network. H.C. Schau & Son Inc. is a producer of fresh sandwiches and sushi as well as fresh entrees and other ready to eat items, sold through both the convenience store and grocery retail channels. “I welcome Greencore to DuPage County and am very pleased to see foreign investment in the region and real economic growth, DuPage County Board Chairman, Dan Cronin stated.  “I know Greencore will find DuPage County to be an ideal location for their operations and I want to thank them for their commitment.” DuPage County Board Member, John Curran also acknowledged the significance of the relocation. “I want to congratulate Choose DuPage for their work in attracting Greencore to DuPage County,” said Curran. “I also want to thank Greencore for their significant investment in DuPage County’s local economy.” Fellow District 3 County Board Member Brian Krajewski added, “It’s really great to see new investment in the county.  I’m thankful to all, especially Greencore, for their commitment.” Choose DuPage is very excited about this foreign capital investment into DuPage County and will be working with Greencore on the improvements to come through the acquisition. About Choose DuPage: Choose DuPage is the public/private nonprofit countywide economic development organization that promotes DuPage County as a premiere business location. In the face of regional and global competition for business investment, Choose DuPage has championed critical and visionary leadership from the public and private sectors of DuPage County, partnering with the 39 communities to:
  • Support local municipal economic development initiatives
  • Grow, retain and attract businesses
  • Address policy issues critical to the needs of business
  • Leverage assets and partnerships
  • Connect with state, regional and local public resources
  • Promote a coordinated marketing message and county identity
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