Greater Together: How GCEP is Changing the Chicagoland Story

In January 2023, something unprecedented happened in Chicagoland. For the first time, seven Northeastern Illinois counties and the City of Chicago formed a partnership. Now, the Greater Chicagoland Economic Partnership (GCEP) is working to drive inclusive development, promote the region’s collective assets, and foster collaboration like never before.

In this episode, host Greg Bedalov, President & CEO of Choose DuPage, sits down with three local leaders to discuss how GCEP is impacting the region and changing the Chicagoland story.

Special Guests:

Dive Deeper:

  • To learn more about GCEP, “one of the largest advancements in our collective economic history,” start here.
  • According to Site Selection Magazine, “The sense of regionalism exemplified by the Greater Chicagoland Economic Partnership will only reinforce the area’s attractiveness.” Learn why the publication named Chicagoland the Top Metro for Corporate Investment for the 11th year running.
  • In this episode, we discuss how GCEP is making an impact across Chicagoland. To learn more about the organization’s inaugural year, read the 2023 GCEP Year in Review.

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