Elmhurst Road Interchange Project at I-90

Project Overview

In 2015, work continues to build the new Elmhurst Road Interchange on the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90). The Illinois Tollway will complete the reconstruction of the existing ramps and construction of a new bridge to carry Elmhurst Road traffic over the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) and then begin work to reconstruct and widen Elmhurst Road.

The $54 million Elmhurst Road Interchange Project will complete the existing partial interchange that currently only provides access to and from the east and is scheduled to be completed in 2016. This work is part of the Western Access O’Hare project.

Construction Update (05-15-15)

Ramps The ramps carrying northbound Elmhurst Road traffic traveling to and from the east on I-90 are currently closed. All traffic is routed at signalized intersections to the ramps currently used to carry southbound Elmhurst Road traffic traveling to and from the east. When this phase of ramp construction is completed in spring 2015, all traffic will be moved onto the newly rebuilt ramps and the other two ramps will then close to traffic to allow for removal and construction of new ramps that will carry traffic to and from the west. Elmhurst Road Bridge Construction of the new southbound Elmhurst Road Bridge is complete and temporary traffic signals installed. Temporary pavement is being constructed in order to shift traffic in both directions onto the new bridge. This will allow for the demolition of the old Elmhurst Road Bridge and the start of construction on the new northbound Elmhurst Road Bridge in spring 2015. On I-90, eastbound traffic between Elmhurst Road and Higgins Creek is shifted to the right to provide a work zone for construction related to the Elmhurst Road Bridge. Traffic is expected to remain in this configuration through spring 2015. For more information from the Illinois Toll Authority, click here.