DuPage County Workforce Survey Results


Choose DuPage and JLL recently conducted a survey to help better understand the needs and desires of the current workforce – including ideal workplace environments, amenities, transportation, and more. We were pleased to receive 1,600 responses, representing over 200 companies and 50 industries.


Overview of results

  • Business in DuPage is alive and well
  • Employees enjoy their workplace and the amenities in DuPage County
  • Transportation is a considerable challenge
  • Demand for office amenities is growing
  • Investment in properties and infrastructure will be critical for future growth


Key takeaways

  • Of those surveyed, 86% state they would prefer to work in DuPage County rather than downtown. In addition, 70% of participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the local amenities of DuPage County.
  • Transit options are limited. 87% of DuPage County employees drive alone to work every day. And, 53% of employees prefer to drive alone. The rest wish there were more transit options available.
  • 94% of DuPage County employees think that a reasonable commute is under 45 minutes. However, 46% of millenials are commuting longer than 45 minutes, and only 5% think this is an acceptable commute.


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