DuPage County Retains AAA Bond Rating

The DuPage County Board announced recently the County has retained its AAA bond rating, the highest possible, during recent reviews with Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s (S&P).  

County Board Chairman Dan Cronin said the AAA bond rating is especially significant when many government entities are struggling with large deficits or unpaid obligations. This recognition will give the County access to lower interest rates, which in turn provides excellent value for residents.

According to Fitch, the bond rating reflects the County’s strong financial standing, healthy reserves and manageable debt levels. It also praised the County’s diverse local economy and low unemployment rate.  In the S&P report, analysts cited DuPage’s strong economy, fiscal management and budgetary performance.

DuPage County is AAA-rated by all three rating agencies, an elite status maintained by fewer than 2 percent of counties nationwide.