DuPage County Corporate Relocation Tips

Corporate relocation is no small task. The managerial staff must juggle significant pieces, including moving crucial employees, choosing a trustworthy corporate moving company, and seizing opportunities to start fresh in a new location. Corporate relocation advice is relevant, regardless of where you move to or from; however, we discuss relocating to DuPage County as your corporate relocation destination.

Plan Ahead

Regardless of where you determine to relocate, planning ahead is absolutely crucial for a stress-free move. Proper planning reduces stress involved with relocation. When planning ahead, give yourself time. A major corporation may prepare for two years before relocating. The small to mid-size business may take six months to adequately prepare. Essentially, businesses should take as much time as they can afford to walk through every step of the relocation process.

Delegating is an important part of planning ahead. Select trustworthy team leaders within departments to help coordinate the moving process. These same managers should be appointed to answer questions and address concerns from employees as they arise.

Discuss Corporate Move with Employees

As a corporation, appropriate communication with employees is essential. Employees should be well informed about the move once date and location are determined. As soon as possible, host a meeting with your employees to ensure all parties are prepared, negating any negative impact relocation may incur.

DuPage County provides a high quality of life for its residents. Employees and their families will find a variety of recreation, culture, and entertainment within DuPage County’s 39 communities.

Choose an Excellent Moving Company

Like homeowners, businesses have their pick of moving companies. Considering the transfer of expensive equipment, quality should be of first priority. Select a moving company with excellent reviews, a fair price, and specialization in your specific needs.

Declutter Your Office

Relocating to a new business location often inspires business owners, managers, and employees to declutter. Prior to the move, eliminate nonessential documents, forms, or documents. Relocation is the perfect time to start fresh, get organized, and declutter. Encourage employees to do the same.

What to Know About Relocating to DuPage County?

DuPage enjoys important and meaningful economic advantages. When we consider the issues that weigh on businesses everywhere (not just DuPage), such as the cost of doing business and the ability to recruit and retain top talent, these advantages make the difference for businesses. 

Unique Location

Location is among DuPage County’s most valuable, inherent advantages. Our proximity to O’Hare International Airport means that residents and businesses alike have direct, non-stop access to 200 destinations worldwide through 1,400 daily departures. We are in the midst of 7 interstate highways, making drive time to major markets convenient and cost-effective. The drive to most major Midwest cities sits within 6 hours. We enjoy the benefits of an extensive multi-modal transportation network. Chicago is the nation’s rail hub that connects 6 of the 7 class one railroads. 

Diverse, Educated Workforce

We have a highly-skilled and educated workforce – DuPage is first in the state in educational attainment. More than half our residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and over 90 percent are high school graduates. 

Business-Friendly Environment

We have a business-friendly environment. Under the leadership of Chairman Cronin, DuPage County operates an accountable, efficient, and transparent government with a balanced and responsible budget. Unlike many other locations, here you will find public and private-sector leaders working together to grow and expand the economy. 

Incredible Quality of Life

And finally, as our nearly one million residents know, our quality of life is unmatched. This can be attributed to the County’s emphasis on education, culture, and environmental preservation. We have some of the best schools in the nation, including 19 accredited colleges and universities. We offer a wealth of opportunities to experience arts and culture, and our residents and visitors enjoy open spaces, tree-lined streets, and lush wooded areas that characterize our landscape.

Choose DuPage Economic Development Alliance

Choose DuPage serves as the collective voice of our County’s business community. Together, we open dialogue between private- and public- sector leaders, so our economy continues to thrive.

If you are planning to relocate your corporation to DuPage County, request information today. Choose DuPage can provide resources including available locations, industry and workforce statistics, tax and utility information, and more.