County Approves Green Building Incentives

The DuPage County Board approved an incentive program to encourage developers and property owners to “build green” projects throughout the County. Following the approval of these incentives by the Stormwater Management, Environmental, Economic Development and Development Committees, members voted unanimously to implement a list of incentives that reduce permitting time and costs for projects that qualify under standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council. “These incentives will help us conserve natural resources, reduce environmental impacts, develop sustainability initiatives and promote economic opportunity for residents throughout DuPage,” said Tonia Khouri, Chair of DuPage County’s Economic Development Committee. The new Green Building Incentive Program enables private sector developers or property owners who implement green design standards into their projects to receive the following incentives:
  1. Expedited Building Permit Review (25% time reduction)
  2. Expedited Stormwater Review for both Incorporated and Unincorporated projects (25% time reduction)
  3. Reduction of Building Permit, Zoning and Plat application fees (10% fee reduction)
  4. Expedited Zoning (ZBA) and Plat process
All types of construction and development projects that meet the USGBC criteria for Platinum or Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification would qualify for the incentives. Applicants do not actually have to register or certify their projects with the USGBC, but simply demonstrate that their projects would qualify. Applicants should submit a request for program consideration at the time of permit submittal. For more information, contact the Regulatory Services Division at (630) 407-6700 or visit