Project Savannah

Project Type: Business attraction

Jobs: 40-100 New

Locations: Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas/Houston

Criteria: Close to airports & potential clients in logistics, retail, healthcare, & field service industries

Project Savannah is an Australian software integration company that provides last-mile tracking solutions. They are looking for an office for their sales and account team.

Choose DuPage met with company on December 12.


Brisa Mobility

Project Type: Headquarters Facility

Jobs: 15 New

Location: Esplanade in Downers Grove

Brisa Mobility is a Portuguese-based technology company that makes all the technology inside toll booth machines. They have been awarded a contract with the Illinois State Tollway Authority for new toll machines. Brisa will be working with another DuPage company to produce the machines, Elite Manufacturing.

Amita Health

Project Type: Headquarters Facility

Jobs: 1,100 New

Location: Navistar Campus in Lisle

Amita Health is a healthcare network looking to consolidate its headquarters in Arlington Heights along with other facilities into the Navistar Campus in Lisle. The lease will be 225,000 SF. Currently, the project is being held up by a parking lot issue with the Lisle Village Board.

Click here to view a letter from John Carpenter to the Lisle Village Board in support of the project.

Hungarian Airplane Manufacturer

Project Type: Business Attraction

Jobs: 6 New

Location: Toured DuPage Business Center/Airport

This company is looking to relocate their facility in Texas to Illinois. The facility would be for small training aircrafts. The project is challenged with the fact that the DuPage Airport does not have the type of fuel needed for their aircrafts.

Project Simba

Project Type: Business Attraction

Jobs: 10 New, growing to 20 jobs

Location: Needs to be within 60 miles of O’Hare International Airport

This project is an Italian manufacturer of industrial machinery and mechanical components. With existing facilities already here, the company is looking to expand in the region. They plan to select a facility by December 2017 and occupy by March 2018.


Project Type: Headquarters Facility

Jobs: 50,000 New

Location: Seeking a location near a major metropolitan area, close to an airport, with access to tech talent.

Amazon is seeking 100 acres for their second headquarters facility that will allow them the ability to build up to 8 million SF of office space.

DuPage County has joined a regional effort and submitted two locations: the DuPage Business Center in West Chicago and the McDonald’s Campus in Oak Brook. The McDonald’s Campus in Oak Brook has been selected as one of eight potential sites that were submitted to Amazon.