Any way you look at it, DuPage’s economy is thriving


By nearly any measure, DuPage County’s economy is thriving. Home to nearly 40,000 businesses and 700,000 jobs, DuPage County is a formidable economic force in the region. As a result, DuPage enjoys some very important and meaningful economic advantages. When we consider the issues that weigh on businesses everywhere (not just DuPage) such as the cost of doing business and the ability to recruit and retain top talent — it is these advantages that make the difference for businesses.


Location is among our most valuable, inherent advantage. Our proximity to O’Hare International Airport means that residents and businesses alike have direct, nonstop access to 200 destinations worldwide through 1,400 daily departures. We are in the midst of six interstate highways, making drive time to major markets convenient and cost-effective — with less than six hours drive to major Midwest cities. We enjoy the benefits of an extensive multimodal transportation network. Chicago is the nation’s rail hub that connects six of the seven Class One railroads. We have a highly-skilled and educated workforce — DuPage is first in the state in educational attainment. Nearly half our residents over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and over 90 percent are high school graduates. We have a business-friendly environment. Under the leadership of Chairman Cronin, DuPage County operates an accountable, efficient and transparent government — with a balanced and responsible budget. Unlike many other places, here you will find public and private-sector leaders working together to grow and expand the economy. And finally, as our nearly 1 million residents know, our quality of life is unmatched. This can be attributed to the county’s emphasis on education, culture, and environmental preservation. We have some of the best schools in the nation, including 19 accredited colleges and universities. We offer a wealth of opportunities to experience arts and culture, and our residents and visitors enjoy open spaces, tree-lined streets, and lush wooded areas that characterize our landscape. At Choose DuPage, the economic development alliance for DuPage County, we call this the DuPage Difference. It is what has allowed us to attract the variety of businesses that make up our diverse economy — from technology to manufacturing, retail, warehousing, health care, and more. These advantages, the DuPage Difference, has led to 118 economic development projects in the last year. That’s 1,500 jobs, 1.1 million square-feet of development, and 120 million dollars invested into our county. And, we are well positioned for continued success. In the upcoming year, Choose DuPage will continue to work toward expanding and diversifying the regional economy through actions that stimulate business investment and generate desirable job opportunities for our residents.