Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC expands to a new facility in Addison

Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC, a certified DBE/MBE/SBE/BEP technology managed services firm, has recently expanded to a new facility in DuPage County at 515 E. Factory Road in Addison.

The 35,000 square-foot facility will serve as the company’s warehouse, call center and logistics headquarters, among other things. After taking possession of the building January 1, their goal is to be fully operational in Addison by May 1, 2021.

Previously, Wynndalco was operating well at its Mokena facility prior to the pandemic, but the rapid pivot to e-learning stretched its capacities as they received, prepped and delivered thousands of computers and negotiated logistics while keeping team members separated safely.

With the company’s rapid growth, Founder and CEO David Andalcio sought new business space that would afford the flexibility they needed to expand and follow new opportunities. They ultimately chose DuPage County due to its pro-business climate and expert management.

“I live in DuPage County, I serve on DuPage County-focused boards—Choose DuPage, the Emergency Telephone System, the RTA—and I believe the initiatives of DuPage County Chairman Dan Cronin echo Wynndalco’s goals: To operate strongly in a business-positive, economically empowered environment; to create lasting job opportunities; and to support the county as a whole,” Andalcio explained.

Further, the Wynndalco team is committed to giving back to the communities it serves, and most recently donated numerous laptops and mobile LAN units to College of DuPage, Mooseheart Child City and School, Fenton High School, Keeneyville Elementary, and Leman Middle School, among others, with the goals of both supporting education efforts and bridging the technology gap to underserved students.

With a goal of adding 200 jobs in the coming years, Andalcio said “We’re moving over 100 jobs with us to Addison, but are also expanding with new opportunities, like our IVP products, that allow businesses and schools to get back to normal.”

The Integrated Viral Protection (IVP) Product Andalcio referred to is a biodefense indoor air protection system that provides the cleanest, viral-free, indoor air. IVP’s family of devices are proven to destroy SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as anthrax spores and other airborne pathogens. Click here for more information on the product.

“We are excited to welcome Wynndalco to DuPage County. David Andalcio and his team are generous supporters of our local schools and communities, while delivering innovative products that are critical to supporting safe environments and getting our businesses and organizations running again,” said Greg Bedalov, president and CEO of Choose DuPage.

For more information about Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC visit www.wynndalco.com.

New E4 Series: Equity in Economics, Education and Enforcement of the Law Examines Diversity in DuPage County

As part of the Chaps Unite Against Racism initiative, College of DuPage invites the community to its free virtual series exploring themes of equity, diversity and inclusion in economics, education and enforcement of the law throughout DuPage County.

Beginning March 4 and continuing with weekly programming, the E4 Series will feature videos of various local business owners speaking about their approach to workforce equity and economic opportunities. 

The inaugural presentation was held at noon on Thursday, March 4, featuring a panel discussion examining how equity and inclusion play a key role in economics and the impact on various local businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders. 

Panelists included Choose DuPage President and CEO Greg Bedalov, COD Assistant Vice President of Economic Development Joe Cassidy and DuPage NAACP President Michael Childress. Moderated by COD Interim Dean of Students Nathania Montes, the roundtable delved into topics regarding economic development initiatives critical to minority-owned businesses and gaining access to resources through Choose DuPage and COD’s Innovation DuPage.

You can watch the first series on COD’s Facebook page.

 “In partnership with officials from both College of DuPage and DuPage County, we are thrilled to launch this enriching E4 series,” said Montes. “As we work together to help strengthen our community, it is vitally important that we augment equity and inclusion in economics, education and enforcement of the law to provide meaningful opportunities for everyone.”

In April, the education portion of the series takes a closer look at how educators can create equitable classrooms in the 21st Century. Guests include COD Assistant Vice Provost for Student Affairs Diana Del Rosario, COD Professor Jason Snart and COD Student Success Counselor Sunshine Ballentine who will share their experiences and challenges in creating safe spaces for students to learn in an inclusive environment. The discussion will be moderated by COD Interim Associate Vice President of Assessment and Student Success Nicole Matos.

During May, the final portion of the series will probe the various aspects of how DuPage County works in collaboration with a variety of entities with respect to enforcement of the law and the people it serves. Special guests include State’s Attorney Robert Berlin, DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick and several other experts.

“This new series will propel us forward in building a more equitable and diverse community,” said COD President Dr. Brian Caputo. “We believe these enriching conversations will strengthen our community and allow DuPage County to bring forth positive change.”


Chaps Unite Against Racism is College of DuPage’s institution-wide initiative to actively examine the ways that racism exists in today’s society and how COD and the surrounding community are working together to create a better world. COD is partnering with DuPage County in regards to this initiative.

College of DuPage is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Serving approximately 21,000 students each term, College of DuPage is the largest public community college in the state of Illinois. The College grants seven associate degrees and offers more than 170 career and technical certificates in over 50 areas of study.