• Posted: October 23, 2016

    CoreCentric Solutions, Inc. Consolidates Operations; Moves into New Facility

    CoreCentric Solutions, Inc., a leader in aftermarket service solutions, has consolidated all operations into a new state-of-the-art facility in Carol Stream, IL.


    The company has moved all operations into a new 350,000 sq. ft. facility located at 191 E. North Avenue in Carol Stream, IL. The company's consolidation from three facilities to one will streamline and improve operations, drive efficiencies and fuel future growth.


    "The new offices combine cubicle banks and open floor plans resulting in a hybrid office which really optimizes the ability to do solo work or work collaboratively in groups," said Badal Wadia, CEO. "Another important aspect of this move was to locate in an area that was still a reasonable commute for most of the employees," said Wadia.


    Much of the 350K sq. ft. of the new headquarters is dedicated to production and warehousing; the remaining space houses a new state-of-the-art engineering research and development lab; a new customer service call center; a customer walk in area and all administrative offices.


    "This move is much more than a merging of operations; it is a significant step in our future growth; this world class facility will enhance our ability to innovate and align more closely with our customers and continue our momentum," said Wadia


    CoreCentric provides returns management, remanufactured parts and remanufacturing services for notable brands of consumer products around the home; categories include major appliances, electrics, HVAC, outdoor power and automotive.



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  • Posted: October 18, 2016

    First Mile Last Mile Transit Solutions—Coming to a Suburb Near You!


    car picture

    Progressive communities are bucking a current trend by improving the reverse commute to attract large companies and talent to the suburbs. The missing link is the lack of connection between existing transit stations and key employment centers that are beyond walking distance—aptly named the “first mile last mile.” By bridging this gap with shared-use mobility, hundreds of thousands of workers can be connected to existing opportunities that were not previously viable. This gives companies much more flexibility when choosing the right location, and encourages their participation in determining the best first mile last mile solutions.


    Planning is already underway between the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) and DuPage County to improve transit connectivity in three corridors that offer nearly a quarter of all employment in the county: Wood Dale, Addison, and Naperville–Warrenville Road. By creating “mobility hubs” near corresponding Metra stations, they hope to make the commute more seamless. These mobility hubs will centralize multiple transportation options such as Pace buses and vanpools, taxis, rideshares, carshares and bikeshares. In addition to known providers like Uber, Lyft and Zipcar, solutions under consideration include Getaround peer-to-peer car rental, Innova EV zero emissions electric mini cars and Zagster bikeshare. Input from commuters, employers, transportation providers and other stakeholders is key to delivering the right blend of these solutions and balancing costs.


    In addition to large-scale applications, some companies and communities are choosing a specific provider to meet their first mile last mile needs. Two towns in the U.S. recently made news by subsidizing ridesharing services to increase transit ridership. Locally, an on-demand shuttle (using Innova’s 100% electric vehicle DASH) will begin serving employees commuting to and from the Itasca Metra Station to Hamilton Lakes in late 2016. According to Innova EV project manager, Katya Iwanik, this will “help tenant companies at Hamilton Lakes recruit a greater employee pool (specifically millennials) from the city to work in DuPage County, and help these employees get to their destination in a more streamlined, cost-effective fashion.” The goal is to grow the program and eventually connect all Itasca residents to the Metra station via a user-friendly mobile application. 


    The bottom line is that there are more first mile last mile solutions than ever. Any community looking to enhance its connectivity to employees and increase its economic opportunities can explore the options above and the potential for public-private partnerships. To get started, click here to view the Shared-Use Mobility Center’s shared mobility toolkit.


    By: Tammy Wierciak, Metro Strategies' Director of Policy and Public Affairs. Wierciak attended the John Noel Public Transit Conference and Shared Use Mobility Workshop in DuPage County in September. A number of suburban “first mile last mile” transit solutions were discussed and are worth sharing to continue the conversation.

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  • Posted: September 24, 2016

    Danco Converting to Consolidate, Relocate Operations to Carol Stream Facility

    Danco Converting

    Cushman & Wakefield has represented Chicago-based Danco Converting in the acquisition of an 110,071 rentable square foot manufacturing facility located at 455 E. North Ave. in Carol Stream, Ill. Danco Converting, a commercial paper converting company, will consolidate and relocate its two Elk Grove Village, Ill., operations to the Carol Stream facility.


    Senior Director Chris Lydon, SIOR, of Cushman & Wakefield and Principal Chad Arthur of Arthur Brokerage Group arranged the acquisition on behalf of Danco, as well as the sale of its former facility located at 1901 Greenleaf Avenue in Elk Grove Village. “Our growing customer base has fueled the need for additional production capacity,” said Dan Mulvey, President and Founder of Danco Converting. “The new facility will dramatically increase our production efficiencies and allow for long-term manufacturing and operational excellence. This is a testimony to our continuous commitment to providing our customers with outstanding service.” The expansive facility will enable Danco to serve its growing customer base while efficiently operating under one roof. The company will bring approximately 65 new jobs to the new space and will also benefit from DuPage County’s attractive real estate tax basis. “This mission-critical move will offer endless opportunity for Danco’s continued business growth,” said Lydon. “We were fortunate enough to work with Dan Mulvey and his team to find Danco the perfect home within North DuPage County, a premier industrial submarket where demand is high.” Situated on 6.24 acres, 455 E. North Ave boasts 397 feet of frontage along Route 64/North Avenue and includes a combination of two-story office space, production and warehousing areas. Other key features of the warehouse and production asset include 14- to 20-foot clear heights, five exterior docks, one drive-in door, 8,000 amps of electricity and airlines throughout the facility. The centrally located property offers proximity to O’Hare International Airport, convenient access to major Chicago infrastructure and is well-positioned near an excellent labor pool.

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  • Posted: September 14, 2016

    Letter to the Editor:
    DuPage County is Far From Being 'Over'

    We noted with interest Crain’s coverage of news related to the Fitch rating of DuPage County. Far from being “over,” or the homogeneous land of “ranch houses and ranch dressing,” DuPage is a vibrant, attractive, diverse county with residents who speak more than 70 languages and who hail from all over the globe.


    What is unique about DuPage is our emphasis on, and success at, living within our fiscal means. And that’s really what’s at the heart of any financial rating. For the past eight and soon-to-be nine years, the DuPage County Board has not raised the county portion of its property tax. In FY 2017, the levy remains flat at $66.9 million. Our countywide elected officials and department heads have made a science of living within their budgeted amounts while providing outstanding service to citizens. We’ve been aided by our Accountability, Consolidation and Transparency Initiative which challenges us every day to reduce the size, scope and cost of local government. We can catalogue $100 million+ in projected savings due to collaboration, consolidation and streamlining operations. What’s frustrating is that rather than reward our outstanding fiscal management and prudent use of taxpayer resources, Fitch moved DuPage’s rating to AA+ from the AAA rating it bestowed just months before in January. This action was taken largely because we are not home rule and cannot unilaterally raise taxes, unlike Cook County. Under the new Fitch criteria, no non-home rule county in Illinois will be able to meet Fitch’s AAA standard. So instead of scoring in the top 1.5% of all U.S. counties, DuPage’s strong fiscal performance now ranks among the top 2.5% of all counties (71 out of 3,000 counties). We can’t help but wonder whether the taxpayers would rather have us score one small percentage point higher on a rating scale, or every year, dig deeper to pay higher property taxes? Given our collective experience with DuPage taxpayers and business owners, we feel fairly certain we know the answer. And we’ll sleep quite well at night helping our county “stay the course” we’ve set for meeting our obligations and squeezing every drop of value out of each hard-earned taxpayer dollar we receive. Dan Cronin Chairman DuPage County Board  

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  • Posted: September 5, 2016

    DuPage County New & Expanded Companies, 2012-2016 Highlights

    The following is a summary of projects from 2012-2016. The information below was prepared by Choose DuPage from various sources. In some cases, information may be estimated.



    Ace Hardware

    2222 Kensington Ct., Oak Brook
    Type of Project: Lease Renewal
    Investment: $28 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 740


    Edward Don

    9801 Adam Don Pkwy., Woodridge
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 362,500
    Investment: $25 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 400


    Ferrara Candy

    One Tower Ln., Oakbrook Terrace
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 39,000
    Jobs Created or Retained: Unknown


    Greco and Sons Foods

    1550 Hecht Dr., Bartlett
    Type of Project: Expansion

    Square Feet of Development: 33,000
    Investment: $2 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 100


    Midwestern University Dental Clinic

    345 Lacey Rd., Downers Grove
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 193,200
    Investment: $120 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: Unknown


    Universal Technical Institute

    2611 Corporate Dr., Lisle
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 185,000
    Investment: $37.5 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 150



    Haynes Furniture/The Dump

    2660 S. Highland Ave., Lombard and 164 N. Meadow Rd., Addison
    Type of Project: New Retail & Warehouse Space
    Square Feet of Development: 349,000
    Jobs Created or Retained: 350


    C. Cretors & Company

    176 Mittel Dr., Wood Dale
    Type of Project: Relocation
    Investment: Unknown
    Jobs Created or Retained: 95



    2001 Butterfield Rd., Downers Grove
    Type of Project: Relocation
    Square Feet of Development: 11,000
    Investment: $4.7 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 40


    Greencore Foods

    10350 Argonne Dr., Woodridge
    Type of Project: Expansion
    Jobs Created or Retained: 150



    1528 Brook Dr., Downers Grove
    Type of Project: Expansion
    Square Feet of Development: 47,000
    Investment: $7 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: Unknown


    Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

    9033 Murphy Rd., Woodridge
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 350,000
    Investment: Unknown
    Jobs Created or Retained: 300



    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    One Pierce Place, Itasca
    Type of Project: Relocation
    Square Feet of Development: 110,000
    Jobs Created or Retained: 340


    Addus Healthcare Inc.

    2300 Warrenville Rd., Downers Grove
    Square Feet of Development: 59,000
    Investment: $9.4 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: Unknown


    Ferrara Candy

    201 Carlow Dr., Bolingbrook
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 75,000
    Investment: Unknown


    Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

    2650 Warrenville Rd., Downers Grove
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 40,000
    Jobs Created or Retained: 100


    True Heading USA

    55 Shuman Blvd., Naperville
    Investment: $55 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 180



    1 Parkview Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace
    Type of Project: Relocation
    Square Feet Leased: 53,372
    Jobs Created or Retained: Unknown



    Atlantic Packaging

    700 Kimberly Dr., Carol Stream
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 387,443
    Investment: $40 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 100


    Corecentric Solutions Inc.

    191 E. North Ave., Glendale Heights
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 350,000
    Investment: $17.5 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 350


    M&R Printing Equipment

    440 Medinah Rd., Roselle
    Type of Project: Lease
    Square Feet of Development: 319,885
    Investment: $19 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 600



    1222 Hamilton Pkwy., Itasca
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 54,150
    Investment: $6.5 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 125


    Semblex Corporation

    900 Church Rd., Elmhurst
    Square Feet: 98,233
    Investment: $10 Million
    Jobs Created or Retained: 186


    Shorr Packaging Corp.

    400 Ferry Rd., Aurora
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 242,732
    Jobs Created or Retained: 140


    Fellowes Inc.

    1789 Norwood Ave., Itasca
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 500,000
    Investment: Unknown
    Jobs Created or Retained: 125


    DS Containers

    DuPage Business Center, West Chicago
    Type of Project: New Facility
    Square Feet of Development: 300,278
    Investment: Unknown
    Jobs Created or Retained: 15




    American Academy of Pediatrics


    345 Park Blvd., Itasca
    Type of Project: Headquarters
    Square Feet of Development: 183,000
    Jobs Created or Retained: 480  

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  • Posted: August 20, 2016

    Man bites dog? DuPage eyes public transit, bikes, to boost economy


    The head of DuPage County's economic development unit is plugging an unorthodox idea—better use of public transit, and even bicycles—as a critical step to boost the county's job market.


    In a panel presentation and a subsequent interview, new Choose DuPage President and CEO John Carpenter said "closing the last-mile commute issue" is one of four things the group will focus on to revitalize the county's economy.


    The others are more conventional but equally challenging: completing western ground access to O'Hare International Airport, commercializing research at Argonne National Laboratory and developing the county's huge but largely empty DuPage Business Center campus in West Chicago.


    Carpenter, a former American Airlines and Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce official, took over his new gig last fall. Since then, the phenomenon of large employers leaving the suburbs for downtown in search of top young talent has only strengthened, with McDonald's recently announcing it will move its headquarters to the former Harpo Studios site in Fulton Market.


    In fighting back, DuPage needs to consider all options—including expanded transit in an area that epitomizes the American love affair with the automobile, Carpenter said. His particular focus is "the last mile" between the county's many commuter rail stations and homes, factories and offices that are riders' final destinations.


    "There's no reason why millennials who live in the Loop can't get on the train and come out here to work," said Carpenter, whose county's population has leveled off at a bit under 1 million. But the lack of an easy connection is "a pretty big problem" now.


    To solve it, Choose DuPage and Metra are about to launch a pilot test in which app-summoned electric vehicles supplied by Burr Ridge-based InnovaEV would get commuters to the job. Choose DuPage also is eyeing a bicycle-sharing service like Chicago's Divvy to fill the commuting hole.


    At Argonne, a new incubator is about to begin bringing in companies, some of them tech firms and/or startups, to take advantage of the lab's research production. Once they come, Carpenter wants them to stay and expand.


    "There's no reason Argonne can't do for us what Silicon Valley has" for the San Francisco area, Carpenter said.


    The DuPage Business Center now occupies about 800 acres near DuPage Airport. It's one of the few areas of county with large chunks of open space ready for development, Carpenter said.


    Western access to O'Hare is particularly critical, with the potential to make the west side of the airport just as developed as the east side, with a dozen hotels, shopping, a convention center and a gambling casino in Rosemont.


    But a current dispute between the Illinois Tollway and the Canadian Pacific Railway about using CP land for the proposed Elgin-O'Hare Expressway is "very serious," Carpenter said. "The railroad has changed its position after years in which it said it would agree to a deal," he added, a change CP concedes but says it had good reason to do.


    Once the road is done and one of O'Hare's diagonal runways removed in two years, adjacent areas immediately to the west will be prime for development, Carpenter said. But that assumes Chicago officials eventually build some sort of people mover from the west side of the airport to its main terminals.


    Published by Crain's Chicago Online | Greg Hinz on Politics | Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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