Introducing the Shuman

Posted: November 29, 2018

INTRODUCING THE SHUMAN from BOD Creative on Vimeo.


Redevelopment of the Shuman is underway at 263 Shuman Blvd. in Naperville. The 30,000 square-foot, five-story building sits at a prime location, right off of I-88 and only 5-minutes away from the train station and downtown Naperville.


Large floor plans are in place to transform the Shuman into a modern work space. The vision for the space is a hospitality driven multi-tenant office space. Inspiration for the redevelopment comes from Chicago office buildings and hotel resorts. The common areas will include tenant lounges, conference spaces, fitness centers, game rooms, dining halls, as well as green space when you enter the building.


Future tenants will have the opportunities to place signage on the building with a view from the highway and on Shuman Boulevard.


When finished the Shuman will be transformed into a high-performance office asset.